Accompanying program of the exhibition "UNTER UNS" (15. und 22. November 2008)
The lifeClipper2 scenario "Archaeology" is shown to the professional public in the framework of the special exhibition "UNTER UNS" during two days.


Partner Event of the SHIFT-Festival (23.-26. October 2008)
The lifeClipper2 scenario "Playground" forms part of the accompanying program of the SHIFT-Festival.

Evaluation of the scenario archiViz (23.-27 June 2008)
The lifeClipper2 scenario "archiViz" gets evaluated. The system allows to record position, time and representation mode the visitor chooses. The visitors answer a questionnaire (questionnaire.pdf img, German text) about content and technical sufficiency.

Workshop test planning of University-Campus Volta (11. April 2008)
lifeClipper2 is integral part of the development of the University-Campus Volta. The architecture offices Kollhoff, Stump&Schibli, Baumschlager-Eberle und Hagerarchitekten generate 3D-Data of their competition proposals. The 3D-models are integrated in the lifeClipper2-Simulator and are shown to the development team.
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Opening of the „Nordtangente“ – first user evaluation (08-17 June 2007)
lifeClipper2 presented its first implementation at the festivities marking the opening of the “Nordtangente” and during the following week, used for user evaluation. The first implementation included four scenarios: “Celtic Village”, “Novartis Campus”, “Conversion of the Harbour” and “InfoViz”. The scenarios were set up to present the potential of information representation and emotional immersion with different types of media compositions. The project partners got involved in the concrete creative process by experiencing the potential of the augmented walking experience in their field of interest. lifeClipper2 will invest the remaining 15 months of the project’s duration in improving technology, language of design and interactive spatial dramaturgy.evaluation.pdf

Flyer and container design:
Impressions from the exhibition:

Projects for the conversion of the St. Johann harbour (30.03-08.04.2007)

The Urban Design and Planning Department of Basel-Stadt and Novartis International AG exhibited 15 projects developed for an urban design competition from March 30th until April 8th, 2007. Three teams were commissioned to further develop their projects until September 2007.
In the context of this exhibition, lifeClipper2 was presented to the public for the first time. The three projects chosen for further development are part of the content of the implementation of lifeClipper2 exhibited during the opening festivities of the “Nordtangente".