lifeClipper2 is the continuation of the art project lifeClipper ( ) in the context of applied research. While lifeClipper was a free artistic interpretation of Augmented Reality, lifeClipper2 investigates the potential of AR for project visualization, urban planning and tourism.

lifeClipper and lifeClipper2 was devised by Jan Torpus. Jan Torpus, designer, design researcher and artist, is currently engaged in different design research projects at the Institute for Research in Design at the Academy of Art and Design in Basel, Switzerland. He conceived and designed lifeClipper and lifeClipper2.

The art project lifeClipper was staged in the St. Alban Valley, a neighbourhood of rich medieval cultural heritage in Basel, in the years 2004/05. It offered an audiovisual walking experience in a virtually extended reality based on audiovisual and not 3D technologies. The focus of the installation was audiovisual perception. By altering the habitual ways of seeing and hearing, reality was challenged and daily life situations became estranged adventures. The visitors felt as though they were watching a movie in which they took part.